Woodland Wonder

Bridal doesnt have to be all blush and ivory...

As we move into the holiday season, rich textures and colors are making their way into all of our holiday parties, so why not wedding festivities?

I am so excited to show you all a couple of details on the decor for my dear friend Kelly's bridal shower. Kelly is an uber talented artist who uses small bayou creatures to create really amazing pieces of art. I added a photo below of one of her pieces for you all to see what I mean. Knowing her style, I was not at all surprised when she said that she wanted to have a woodland themed bridal shower! It was so amazingly Kelly, and I wanted her table setting and arrangement to reflect her personality.

To start off, I wanted to make the centerpiece in a vegetative style, to create a naturalistic feel for our table. Vegetative style is not something I do often, but I really enjoyed how it came out and plan to do more in the future! The idea is to create a floral arrangement that feels as if it growing right in front of you. A window box style arrangement is perfect for this effect!

Isn't it amazing? You can follow her on Instagram @kellymcmahonart

For the linens, nothing says outdoor party quite like a picnic style tablecloth. Plaid is an under used pattern for tablecloths in my opinion. So next time your out for a picnic with your friends, ditch the gingham and pick up the plaid. You'll be glad you did!

I was so happy to use my grandmother's red and white china finally. Being such a strong pallet, I have been waiting for precisely the right time to break it out!

I wanted to use some colored glasses on the table to give the look a more casual feel. Often when I use crystal in my settings I think to myself, "gosh, am I being too much?" But then I quickly answer, "its never enough!" However, its always important to know your theme, and for a woodland themed bridal shower, crystal would just feel out of place.

These bubbled colored glasses are perfect though. Also next to the centerpiece, they remind me of a river's shore. As if the glass was the water's edge and the arrangment was a scene of reeds and flowers growing at its fringe. Which, honestly is what we were going for!

I love to give vintage barware as gifts. They are the perfect gift really because everyone can use cute little glasses for the occasional fancy drink even if it doesn't contain alcohol! You can also find them just about anywhere. If you are going for vintage set, lots of antique and vintage shops have them in excess.

I found this set at an antique store in Slidell for a very reasonable price. The quails are so on theme, knowing Kelly, these were perfect for her. I found them this summer and just knew I should pick them up as a gift for one of her upcoming showers. I had no idea though they would work so perfectly with the decor!

Never forget your fireplaces!

The actual table at the shower was so lovely, Kelly's sister Megan supplied awesome little wood votives and fall confetti which was a really cute addition. Megan and her mom Linda did a great job of hosting the party, their decor was fabulous and the food was on another level!

Megan also set up some other decorations that really took the party up a notch. Check out her laurel ribbon filled balloons and the photo backdrop. No party is complete without a good photo opp!

I hope y'all enjoyed seeing another bridal party addition to the blog. I always enjoy the bridal showers I attend, I think its one best parties, besides the weddings of course! As always, thank you for reading!



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