Top Tips for memorable engagement photos!

Updated: Feb 15

Learn how to style your #engagement #photoshoot with these fun and easy tips!

Your engagement is one of the most special times in your life! Preparing for your wedding and enjoying the prospect of your new life as a married couple is tremendously exciting. Amongst all the pre wedding festivities you may want to remember these important moments with some uber romantic engagement photos. These photos represent your lifestyle as a couple and depending on who you are they can be as casual or formal as you like. However you like, they just should be authentically you!

So now you may be thinking, how can I personalize my engagement photos to represent me and my soulmate? Easy, here are a few tips on setting the scene for your engagement photos!

Photographer: Tasha Rae Photography

Couple: Emily and Joel

Flowers: Duia and Jean - Florals and Events

Location: Dominio Farm by Duia and Jean in Pearl River, Louisiana

Tip 1 Set the Scene

Location, location, location! The first and arguably the most crucial decisions in this process is where should we set the scene with our engagement photos? Choosing the right local will not only determine the feel of your shoot, but also your wardrobe and limitations on what items you will be able to incorporate into your session. If your outside in the middle of July like Emily and Joel were here, you may want to wear a casual and breezy cotton dress. If you are headed to a posh and polished downtown hotel where you two spend your staycations put on that cocktail dress and suit and be the little Kim and Kanye that you are! The skye is the limit with the atmosphere you can create so don't be afraid to be a little extra!

For this lovely little photoshoot, my clients and friends, Emily and Joel wanted to capture some romantic moments in our zinnia fields last summer at our studio and horse farm. Last year at Dominio Farm we were in the middle of summer zinnia season and our fields were blooming and bright. The perfect scene for this lovely and cheerful couple.

Tip 2 Adding Importance

Incorporating sentimental items into your engagement shoot is only going to make your photos that much more important to you. Years from now, you'll look back and say not only did these photos capture this amazing feeling we had as an about to be married couple, they also remind us of our life and the people and things that are important to us. And that is what really matters!

How can you do this for yourself? There are many ways in incorporate sentimental items into your shoot. It may be as simple as wearing your late grandmothers earrings she gave to you, or choosing a location that holds certain memories for you and your partner. Here Emily and Joel wanted to incorporate her late father's fully restored Model-A Ford car into their photos. Not only is it a gorgeous prop and fun to interact with, it was a tremendous way in involve her dad in their union as a couple. Adding importance to your engagement shoot can be as amazing as incorporating these pieces into your actual wedding.

Fun fact: Lynda and I rolled this baby all the way across town on a tow strap with Emily's mom to put it into our front yard. Being such an old car, Lynda wasn't used to its handling and we had some pretty scary moments during the ride! She later told me that she feared she would wreck when the strap broke, thank god for breaks! But in the end it was totally worth it. I mean, look at how beautiful it is!

Tip 3 Let Loose

Unless you are a professional model, it can be really overwhelming to have a camera pointed at you for several hours. Use your engagement session as good prep for your wedding day where all eyes will be on you two ALL DAY! Letting loose a bit can help put you at ease and make your interactions with your hubby and the camera more natural. So pop the bubbly! A little wine or champagne will go a long way, and that glass can answer the ever important question of what do I do with my hands? Clink and cheer, you're getting married!

Tip 4 The Power of the Flower

Last, but certainly not least, add a little floral to your day! As we all know, flowers can add that little bit of extra romance into your look no matter what the occasion! But in your engagement shoot the floral touch can set the tone and excitement of all the floral romance that is to come at your wedding. Choosing a color pallet does not need to be specific to your wedding colors. In fact, changing it up can give way to another side of your expression as a couple. Here we incorporated more zinnias and Emily's favorite flower the gladiolus into the scene. Both of these grown at Dominio Farm, it was a great way to tie back in the original feeling of the location. And who doesn't love fields of flowers and beautiful bouquets?!

As always, thank you for reading until the end! I hope these tips help you have the most amazing engagement shoots ever.

Until next time have a gorgeous day!


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