Top 5 wedding photography must haves!

Read about the top five wedding photography must haves, you may have not have thought of!

When planning your wedding one of the most important lists you'll write is the one you will give to your photographer! This list will help guide your photographer on which family member groups to snap pictures of, which locations you want to make sure are captured and other shots that are important for you two to have. Some shots like your bridal portraits and photos with your gal pals may be obvious, but these top five wedding photos to have you may not have thought of to ask for, but will be glad you did!

1. Your wedding invitation suite lay flat!

Often it is the little details you may forget to capture. After hours of selecting the perfect font and the right design for your wedding invitations don't you want to make sure they make it into your official wedding photography? Perfect the perfect lay flat with an interesting background and a few florals! Of course be sure to ask your florist for a few extra blooms on the day to enhance your wedding suite. Your photographer will be taking this shot during the get ready phase of your day. So have it prepared for them beforehand so he or she may take the shot quickly. To arrange all your pieces in an elegant manner you may need two or three prints of your invitations especially if your design has images on both sides.

The best backgrounds will contrast with this color and texture of your paper and design but still fit in with your wedding theme. Great backgrounds can be a piece of fabric (think bridesmaids dress), wood flooring or even a piece of furniture in your bridal suite. It doesn't have to be complicated to be beautiful!

2. Your small florals!

So often are the boutonnieres, hair combs and corsages lose their chance to grab the spotlight, but that doesn't mean they should be forgotten! Similar to the wedding suite lay flat, small personal flowers look uber romantic on a gorgeous backdrop like this piece of silk fabric. But, let's be honest, your hubby may not want nor possess the skills necessary to arrange this boutonniere layout for your photographer. Not to worry! There is a perfect solution to this, focus one shot on his boutonierre while y'all are taking your portraits.

These florals are meant to be worn and are so darn cute. One quick snap of his flower and you'll remember this detail forever. After all, love grows from the little things.

3. Your tablescape!

I can not stress this next tip enough, you tablescape includes items such as your centerpieces, stemware, place setting, name cards and other miscellaneous table decor items. All details you have probably spent months coordinating and really make your wedding special and unique to all other weddings. So certainly you don't want to miss the photo opportunity here! Of course these photos are best performed before the reception begins while everything is properly placed and are clear of food and debris.

Ask your photographer for angles such as a bird eye view, above your setting with flowers peeking through or when crouched down at eye level with the table. Great shots of your tablescape will happen when your photographer focuses on special details in the foreground while still capturing other elements in the background!

Sounds complicated? Don't worry, your photographer will know what to do!

4. Your bridal bouquet!

Your wedding day is a busy day so it would not difficult to overlook this next one! Your bridal bouquet is one of the most cherished items in the whole wedding, again it represents your style and vision for your big day. Complimenting your dress, it is your ultimate accessory! So take a moment to rest your smile and capture this one detail in all its glory!

5. Your speciality drink!

Your wedding is not just about the pretty flowers, and the gorgeous people, it's also a sensory experience. What you hear, smell, taste is just as important as all the other elements of your wedding, and you want to remember all of that! Catching the memory of your speciality drink will remind you years from now, how much fun you, your partner and all your guests had at your wedding!

Thank you for reading my Top Five Wedding Photography Must Haves! I hope you enjoyed the list.

Until next time, have a beautiful day!



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