My Engagement Photos

Photography: Gabby Chapin Photography

Florals: Duia and Jean

Venue: Private Residence, Domino Farm

Hello all! Thank you for visiting this special blog post, I wanted to share a little bit about John and I's engagement session, which as so much fun to shoot! John and I are not big on photos, these happen to be some of the first we had ever really taken together. We were both really nervous, so I wanted to set up some elements for us to interact with during the shoot so we wouldn't be so stiff in front of the camera.

Lynda and I put together a picnic and a comfy sofa scene that we were able to sit down in and feel really relaxed. Charcuterie and wine are John and I's go to date night elements, so we had to incorporate those into our set up. John and I also made the French bread the night before together. We love to bake, and this was a nice thing to do in preparation for the next day.

I also of course wanted some flowers incorporated into the shoot. I love how holding a bouquet gives you "something to do with your hands". The colors I choose were just ones I was attracted to in the cooler at the wholesaler. I didn't choose a specific color palette that was related to the wedding, I just wanted something warm and fall like. Red is also John's favorite color, as he is an Indiana University fan so I wanted to highlight that a bit here.

We shot these photos in January at my home, Domino Farm, where we later on in April. Gabby did a fantastic job making us feel comfortable and took some beautiful photos of not only John and me, but the setting we were in as well.

We changed outfits a couple of times, just to get some variety in. The white dress I am wearing, I also wore as my going away dress at our wedding. I enjoyed getting to wear it twice as the photos captured here show it was a gorgeous little gown that deserved a second use.

Our cats, Domino and Carrot followed us around for most of the day, and made an appearance in some of the photos.

It was a great day, and after we were so excited, and finally "felt engaged". Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy our little slice of life through these photos.


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