Louisiana Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

A thanks to nature's gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a amazing day full of family and fun. We had such a great time today, Lynda cooked an amazing meal, Jason and James got to tinker on all of their little projects and I got to forage my yard for materials to set the table for dinner!

This time year, our yard is filled with gorgeous garden roses, sasacuquas, citrus trees and camellias. We are so lucky here in Louisiana to have prolific foliage and blooms all fall and winter long. Being so lucky, I wanted to create the our table with a few of these classic Louisiana elements to say thanks to our wonderful mother nature and all her gifts which provide us with beauty, sustainability, and ultimately life.

As I meantioned, we are so lucky to have so many flowers still blooms this time of year. I would like to think that the most gorgeous winter flower has got to be the fabulous camellia. After all the camellia is famous in Slidell, being the camellia city! My favorite of these blooms are definitely the fabulous debutant camellias. They are so robust and ruffled, they are sure to take your breath away. Debs are the always among the first to bloom and their appearance signals that the others are on their way!

Jewel tones are amazing for fall and his pallet is perfect for changing up your traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Choosing pink was the obvious choice for this arrangement. Not only was it readily accessible but it works well with fall textures. Hot pink can not only bring heat to a chic summer bash, but it also can freshen up your fall decor.

When planning your design, don't feel like you need to always go the traditional route. Sure there are going to be times were you want to show off the rich reds and oranges of this magnificent time of year, but it never hurts to put a new spin and impress you guests with your inventiveness.

You can't have a beautiful Louisiana nature display without satsumas. We lost two of our largest satsuma trees in the very unusual snows and long freezes last winter. But we are happy to still have a couple of our smaller trees still producing lovely little treats for us to enjoy all fall.

The front yard always provides the perfect backdrop for my tablescapes. We have three gorgeous oak trees that envelop a large grassy area that is just the perfect natural hideaway. There is no where else I would rather be than outside in my front yard. It is by far my favorite place, and I am so thankful for it's beauty.

The yard has become the backdrop for all of my florals arrangments this year, hosting nearly all of my photo shoots. It means so much to me to be able to share my creativity with my clients and family, and I love to create pieces that work well with nature. I find that I am most inspired by this small patch of land canopied by ancient trees. How lucky I am to have grown up here. The love affair I have with my childhood home is by far one of my greatest joys in life.

I'll have to thank the original Duia for this lovely setting. This is her vintage Noritake china she left her daughter Jean, my grandmother, and then Jean left this pattern to my mother Lynda, the current Duia. It's a lovely pattern that brings a bit of a vintage flare to the look, and makes me reflect of life's amazing journey that brought me to this place.

I love incorporating Duia and Jean's pieces into my designs. It always makes me feel close to them. As the china was Duia's the stemware had to be Jean's. I love how different this pattern is, soft strokes in the hand cut crystal creates a laurel leaf etching.

For garlands, I like to create a loose arrangement of greenery and florals to enhance the beauty of the table. In this garland, I also included an artificial glitter equaliptus stem to each side of the table. Possibly not on trend with our nature theme, but hey, you can't blame a girl for adding a little sparkle!

Lastly, I hope you all enjoyed this look and can appriciate the message of thanks that I would like to express to you all for such a wonderful year. And also a deep thank you to my family, friends and of course mother nature, whom have all made it possible!

Goodnight and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!



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