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What to expect from Duia&Jean's floral quoting process.

When planning a wedding there are so many things to consider and vendors to coordinate with. At Duia and Jean we understand this and are here to help you make the quoting process easy so you can eventually get the most out of your wedding florals. We believe that your florals are the staple of your wedding decor. We aim to give you a luxurious floral look that requires little else to feel complete. To achieve this, we need to begin with a custom floral quote!

Your Vision

First we begin with your vision. What do you want to see in your florals, how do you want your wedding to feel like? To determine this we have a couple of tools to help you and us determine this very important question.

First is our wedding floral questionnaire. This short series of questions helps us identify what you have in mind for your day. This tool is most effective for the decisive bride or groom. The ones who already have a clear vision of what they want.

If you are a little unsure of what you are looking for, and would like us to help you along in reaching a decision we are happy to do this as well. Schedule a call with Aimee and our team to review what you know, and determine what is still left to learn. We may offer to evaluate your floor plan and/or visit your venue to determine reception and ceremony needs. Stuck on color, let us suggest several color schemes that will perfectly compliment your venue, time of year and personality.

Your Quote

Once your vision is determined, we move on to the quoting portion of our process. We take your bridal party needs, floor plan and ceremony requests and develop your floral recipe.

What does this mean? As floral designers, we take your conceptual vision and make it a reality. To do this we need to build a recipe of florals that will compliment the color scheme, desired textures, budget, and overall feel you are looking for. This is where most of our work takes place. Beyond performing the assembly of your florals, the real creativity is seen in the selection of materials behind every piece.

You needn't worry about lifting a finger here, but it's important to remember that even before you commit to our services, we are performing several hours of work to be able to present you with a comprehensive quote that fulfills all desires you have for your wedding.

Presentation and Visuals

With your quote, expect to also receive a short presentation with visuals that help you understand your floral quote, as well as the direction we will be taking your florals. We find that seeing is believing, and find that this is the best tool for us to explain our vision to you.


Once you have your quote and presentation, you may be compelled to make some changes, and that's ok. This is your wedding and we only care to make you happy. Let us know your concerns and we will take this to develop your final plan.


After your quote is complete and final, we need to secure your date. Do to this we will need to collect your initial deposit. Your initial deposit will be 25% of your overall quote to secure your date. We have many payment options available to you. For more on our payment schedules and services see our Terms and Conditions for wedding services.

Best Results

Looking to make this process seamless and easy? Here is a short list of best practices that will make light of your quoting process.

1. Be prepared, know as much as you can upfront to so we can take this information and turn it into a plan for you. You'll be golden if you have your floor plan, color scheme, visuals of what you like, and your budget on hand.

2. Communicate with us, never forget we are here for you. Let us know what your thinking. If changes to the plan need to happen, that's alright. We want to make you happy, to do this we need to be honest with each other.

3. Be timely, during the spring and fall wedding seasons we book up very quickly and often an entire year in advance. So dont wait to the last minute to organize your wedding florals, give yourself plenty of time to secure your date.

4. Commit to one vendor, we know you're shopping around and that's ok. You should be able to connect with your florist and their vision for your wedding. Remember, cheap isn't always best. So know what's important to you and be realistic about your expectations. But once you find you're perfect match, let us know. Ghosting vendors like a bad Tinder date is bad form, so be as considerate of our time as we are of yours.

5. Enjoy the process, this is supposed be fun! It's your wedding and this is a luxury service where we want you to feel like a million dollars throughout.

Contact us or fill out our Wedding Floral Questionnaire, and we will contact you!

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