Blue and white, takes on citrus vibes for this summer bridal shower.

Anyone who has hosted a party will know that picking the theme and decor can be the best part of the whole planning process and I am a sucker for themes! For my dear friend Emily's bridal shower, I wanted to plan something summery and elegant. My inspiration came from these amazing Turkish towels that I used as table cloths for the event. Lynda picked them up from this great little linen store in Covington called Hestia Linens and I just thought the blue and yellow stripes were so perfect. They made me think of fresh squeezed lemonaide which led to my light and breezy citrus theme!

Paired with yellow, blue and white is my favorite summer color pallet. It feels so clean and happy! I wanted to incorporate as many blue and white elements as I could into my decor. So naturally I implimented these classic Chinese blue and white ginger jars as the base for my lemon tree topiaries. They were the perfect size for this task. They were just large enough to support the weight of the topiaries I built for the event. I was so pleased with how they turned out, I really felt like they ended up looking like real trees!

For the trunk of my topiaries, I bought a birch branch from Michael's Craft Store. I ended up only using one branch for both trunks because it was so long. I had my brother James cut it in half for me to use. Normally I would have also bought lemon tree leaves to use for the foliage, I mean how perfect that you can actually buy lemon tree branches? However, I wanted to utilize materials I already had and ended up using camellia branches. I hosted the shower at my childhood home, Domino Farm, which as a plethora of camellia bushes all around the property. In the winter, I love to incorporated their blossoms into my designs, but all year round they have gorgeous foliage that is as tough as nails. Great for use in arrangements that don't have their own water source.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for a good tablescape. Beyond flowers, porcelian is my most favorite thing. Though Lynda and I have a giant collection of china in all patterns and themes, I didn't have enough of one pattern that I could use to set for all the guests. So to remedy this situation I set out to find an alternative solution. That's when I stumbled on these perfect paper plates from Caspari. They were so adorable and everyone at first glance thought they were actual china. Their pattern was a classic blue and white, which I paired with a paper charger I found at Tuesday Morning. The best part is this all paper table scape didn't break the bank and was gorgeous!

So I will admit that my inspiration for the theme was somewhat inspired by a couple other componets that I planned to use. One of which was this amazing drink table. This beautiful tiled table has been sitting on Lynda's back porch for years. It has always been a favorite of mine, however I never really knew how to incorporate it into any of my past events. However, several seasons ago Dolce and Gabana came out with a line of blue and white, fruit and veggie themed, tile dresses, which instantly reminded me of this table. I told myself if the opportunity ever presented itself to use this theme in a summer bash, I would incorporate these elements throughout the decor. Thankfully, Emily is getting married in September which gave me the opportunity to be as summery as I like with her party.

In my personal opinion, the invitation sets the mood for the whole event. I wanted to choose something elegant, but that would also stick to my budget. So if you are planning a wedding on a budget, or a shower of any sort, you have to check out the wedding invitation section on Vista Print. If you don't give it a go, you are really missing out. I purchased these invitations with the perfect summer theme for under $100. They even had the option to put an illustration on the back, which of course I did here. I just loved the little oranges and anenomes. Look at how perfect they go with my tile table!

For the shower, there were appoximately 25 guests in attendance. I wanted to make sure everyone had a spot to sit and talk while we ate. So I had set a number of tables, each with a little bit different of a look. I prefer everything to vary off of one theme verses being exactly the same. This allows me to one be a little more creative, and two to always helps with the cost if you are willing to mix and match a bit. While earlier I showed you my lemon tree topiaries, here at my other lemon table, I wanted to go very simple with the florals. The most iconic floral look for summer is of course the hydragea. Soft and bold is the simple combination of fruit and floral. I tell myself all the time to use more fruit in my designs. A little pear there, and cluster of grapes here, figs! Who doesn't love this look? For this table though, I opted to incorporate lemons in the base of the vase. Just to give it an elevated look as compared to simply hydrangeas in a glass vase.

Overall, I love the effect! Again I used a Turkish towel for the tablecloth. I just love the plates with this don't you?!

Before we move on to the last table, I wanted to pause and talk about the games! No bridal shower is complete without a host of fun activities for everyone to participate in. Plus we had a few kiddos at the party and it was important to keep them entertained! Being that this was a garden party, I wanted everyone to participate in some traditional lawn games. Mrs Diane, Emily's mom, was so helpful in this departement. She loaned me a few games she had which all were a big hit. We had corn hole, lawn croquet and badminton. We didn't have a traditional net however for the badminton, so I went ahead and made an on-theme garland in blue and white, and yellow fabric. I just simply, cut the fabric into triangles and fashioned strips to string it all together. We ended up having enough to make a garland for the front door as well. It was the perfect accent and I'm really glad we did this bit.

We also put up a little photobooth for everyone to take pictures at. I never ended up getting a great photo of this because I ran out of time to take pictures before the party started. But here is a photo I stole off of facebook of my friends Emily and Brooke enjoying themselves. I used my victorian lawn chair set, my 19th century silver tea set I bought from Neal Auction, literally my most favorit thing in the world, and a toile silk window curtain left over from one of my childhood room redecorations. It was perfect for our little garden party. I think everyone felt so classy!

Last but not least was the bunny table. Lynda is obsessed with bunnies and has them stashed away all over the house. In high school my friends would play the game to see how many bunnies they could find in one room. So I always end up using little figurines in my tablescapes, most of the time it's a bunny. But sometimes it's something else entirely, see if you can find the pears on the other tables. I think they just add a bit of whimpsy to the display! I topped the look off with a blue and pink vase I found at a thrift store and colbolt blue water glasses. I used just a simple runner here. All the tables were all either an oak or pine table stained approximately the same color and I really wanted that to be shown off. So the light blue runner was perfect to compliment the theme and really showed off this cute little table!

Again a simple cluster of hydrangeas goes a long way!

All in all, I was so happy with the way the party turned out. I had lots of help with everything so I do just want to say thank you to my mom, Lynda, Mrs Diane, Mrs. Kay and Mrs. Jean, Samantha, James, and Jason. My sweet boyfriend who endured weeks of planning and helped with not one, but two set ups for the decor. A little more behind the scenes, We got rained out on the actual day so we had to move everything to the back porch. It ended up clearing up for when all the guests arrived, but the next day we set up in the front yard as planned to take photos as it was originally intended to look. Thank you Jason for sticking through all the maddness with me xoxo.

I hope you all enjoyed hearing about the shower decor and all the behind the scenes little tid bits which I think makes a simple party interesting! I can't wait for the wedding in September and will be updating you all with the pictures of the florals!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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