Bewitching Fall Florals

Looking for Halloween decor inspiration? Look no further than this perfect Halloween tablescape.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the rich color tones, crisp autumn air, and of course Halloween! I have always loved Halloween, not only because of the sweet treats and costumes but also becuase it happens to be the day before my birthday. So naturally I have had many Halloween themed parties in my time. Now that I am in the wedding industry, I get to design some really beautiful arrangements that compliment this fatastic time of year, and these designs may definately be my favoirites to date.

For Heather, I wanted to give her a beautiful color scheme with classic fall colors, deep reds, oranges and soft apriciots. My favorite element that was added to the larger pieces at the last minute were these beautiful deep purple orinental lillies. Sometimes in the floral industry, our floral recipees change based on the avalibily of our materials. Originally we were going to use some gorgeous Moulin Rouge speciality sunflowers which are deep red almost black in color, but unfortunately we weren't able to get them. However, I feel it worked out for the best, the rich jewel tones of the lillies make the rest of the colors really pop.

As you may know, I love to use unique containers to showcase my floral creations. I am constantly telling my brides and or couples that the container is just as important as the arrangement itself, and I like to source my containers from local antique and thrift shops. I choose pieces that typically have some age to them which makes them a little more rustic and adds a extra touch to these already bespoke arrangments. This crystal and bronze compote I found at a local store in Old Town Slidell. I thought the baroque nature of the compote would pair nicely with the venue which was at Muriel's in Jackson Square. If you haven't been to Muriel's, you must plan your visit today. Its a gorgeous restaurant here in New Orleans with fabulous food and a very unique seance room where the guests at this wedding enjoyed palm and tarot card readings. Below I have included several photos of the florals at the venue for you all to see.

Another special touch to this table was the addition of a small stack of my antique books, used to represent spell books, topped with a small skull. I mean, how Halloween is that? I believe I aquired this skull in one of my auction hauls that had several unusual pieces grouped together in one lot. I'm not entirely sure what type of animal it is, but if I had to guess it may be a cat's skull. So sorry to all the cat lovers out there I am one too, though I'm sure this was a found item and no animals were harmed in the making of this tablescape! I also have a plethora of antique books that Lynda is currently enjoying in her bookcases at home. My dream is to one day have a library in my own home filled with antique books like these. I am already well on my way, having serveral hundred books, I again bought from auction. To be anounced, a blog dedicated solely to Lynda and I's auction obsession.

If you have ever seen any of my other arrangements and tablescapes, you may have noticed I love to incorporate fruits or other food related items into my floral designs. These tiny red and green pumpkins were the perfect addition to this theme. I gather a lot of my supplies from my wholesaler here in New Orleans. Lacey, one of my favorite people ever and my sales consultant at Pike's Peak, helps me put together all of my floral orders. While we were pulling this order together, she told me about these fabulous pumpkins that they had just recieved in. Once I saw them, I had to have them. I thought they would add the perfect amount whimpsy to these pieces. Thanks Lacey for the incredible suggestion!

If you are looking to create a some Halloween inspired ambience for your next party and want to include some black tall candle sticks, I wish I could tell you where to purchase these. However, I was unfortunately unable to find black wax candlesticks at any of my local craft stores and was forced to come up with an alternative solution to achieve this moody accent for my table. I ended up purchasing two packs of red candlesticks from Dollar Tree and spray painted them black. In the end, they turned out really gorgeous. If you have ever spray painted wax before you may know that wax does not paint easily. So I do recommend if you are in a bind and have to make your own, allow yourself a day for these guys to dry. They are absolutely worth the effort though!

Seeing this image of the back of the arrangement, I want to point out how lovely these antique hydrageas ended up being. I originally ordered only one antique type, but when gathering the order Lacey informed me she was unable to get all of the hydrageas in the original color we ordered and so she included the lighter ones you see here, and I'm so glad this happened. I really did need a contrasting color to add some dimension to the piece. As a floral designer, you have to be flexible with your materials because you never know what may change and I often find that what changes, ends up being for the best.

Those pumpkins are just fabulous popping out from the top of the arrangement like they were grown to be there.

The perfect tablescape would not be complete without the perfect dinnerware. The decorative plate you see here is an antique pattern from H.R. Daniel, I date this set to have been made between 1825-1835. H.R. Daniel is a rare brand of English porcelian and earthware and was only in operation for a short 20 some odd year period in the early 19th century. This design is a cut in his popular Shrewsberry style, named after one of his patrons the Earl of Shrewsberry, and is adorned with delicate gold work. I happen to have a partial service of this pattern, three dessert plates (that you see here), one creamer, one sugar and one very rare tea pot (not shown). It is absolutely one of my most charished sets of porcelian, as you may already know I have quite a bit. The best part about it is that I found the set at an estate sale in New Orleans for $20! Yes, I said $20. I'm guessing since the set wasn't marked with a seal and that H.R. Daniel isn't a very well known brand, they didn't know what they had. I was able to authenticate the pieces with a small serial number located on the underside of the teapot. So clearly this was the estate sale find of the decade.

I have paired the H.R. Daniel dessert plates with a Lenox dinnerplate and a Dollar Tree charger I again spray painted a matte black. This just goes to show you don't need to have every element in your decor be a rare antique treasure, you can certainly pair less expensive items with more unique pieces to make your overall look so stunning your guests will talk about it for years to come.

More on my dinnerware collection in my next blog (hopefully coming to you next week). I breakdown each of my table settings, provided tips and tricks for the perfect dinner party.

So of course, it is always great to see where these items endup at the reception. Where I styled this piece in our photoshoot to be on a sweetheart table, this actually was the arrangement for the entrance at the ceremony/reception. We also placed an array of greens beneath with loose flowers and those amazing pumpkins. I just love how it turned out.

For the bridal bouquet, I couldn't help myself but to create a bouquet filled with all the rich vibrant colors we included in the other pieces. Filled with dahlias, ranunculous, and red anenomes this bouquet was a stunner.

Normally I let Lynda model the bouquets before they head out to my brides because I enjoy photographing my pieces. It always me to see them in a different light, and change anything I don't enjoy about how they are photographing. I just couldn't help myself with this one though and decided to model it for you all myself. You may be wondering, why I take photos of all of my pieces before they leave, and this is really in part because I'm paranoid I won't ever see the professional photos from the photographers after the event. Past brides if you are reading this, please send me your photos! But this also allows me to envoke a little of my creativity and demonstate how I would decorate the space if it were just up to me. Plus who doesn't love to see a good tablescape?

For this bouquet, I wanted to choose a dress that was not the conventional white gown, because the florals are in such a unique color scheme. I loved how this plum colored dress contrasted with the florals. And I absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of the beautiful bride Heather, with the bouquet in her dress. She also happened to be wearing a very similar plum colored gown. Who knew we were on the same wavelength?!

The floral crown also turned out lovely, it was for her niece and was made to compliment the rest of the pieces. It makes me look a bit like a festive sugar skull, but I'm into that. Let's be honest, I loved this bouquet and crown. Orange is my favorite color!

No wedding is complete without a charming boutonierre.

For the ceremony, I wanted to create pieces that would be stunning in the Plantation Room at Muriel's which has half a dozen 19th century style portraits hung in ornate gold frames on the deep redish-plum colored walls. These two pieces flanked the couple as they were married, and then the band after the ceremony was complete. They were so large, I could barely get them in the vehicle to drive down there, but eventually they fit and without incident we were able to set them up. I am glad I made them so large though, the height of the room is at least 14 feet and we really needed to have the pieces feel at home in the space.

This is a close up on the flower assortment for these pieces. The circus roses took my breath away, I loved their bi-colored design and the gladiolus really sealed the deal for me.

I am so happy with how everything turned out for this wedding, I know I have said it at least a dozen times in this blog, but I really do mean it. From the amazing couple to all the unexpected elements that came together to really make this wedding special. It makes me seriously question if I want to have a Halloween inspired wedding! To be announced!

I have included a couple of pictures here and below that you can see how awesome this space was, above is the Plantation Room, and below is the seacne room and lounge, such fun!

To leave you all, I'll share my biggest tip with you on how to decorate for a wedding or even a small get together with friends, is just be genuinely you. Your wedding should be a reflection of your true self, and if you want to have an artful themed wedding with antique charm, go for it! It will be so beautiful if you absolutely love every aspect of your look. If you are planning your wedding and are looking for some fabulous florals to compliment your theme, contact me today! I would love to hear from you all. Don't forget to drop your comments below, your thoughts are always apprieciated!

Have a wonderful day!



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