Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your total pricing over than the cost per piece? 

Our quotes come complete with all costs including the rentals of vessels, set up delivery, labor, flip, and breakdown costs for floral and candle services. Additional set up and strike fees for subcontractors for select specialty rental items and services. 


Will I need to pick up anything at the end of the event? 

No! We do not want you to work your wedding in any way. We add in the cost to your contract for venue tear down. If you do not wish for your florals to be saved for you we will remove those from the venue. Venues have very strict policies on tear down and timelines, we generally have to perform this in under an hour, starting at the time your event ends. 


What happens to my flowers at the end of my event, can I keep them? 

Yes, you may keep the flowers you paid for them, they are yours. However, we suggest on keeping smaller arrangements and personal flowers as they are the easiest to transport. Larger designs and installation are not recommended as they are very heavy, and often designed in a way that they are not able to be moved from location to location either during your event or after. 


How do I keep the flowers after my event? 

You can of course keep your florals after the event, however, you are responsible for transporting these pieces you keep to their designated location after the event. We do not offer second drop-off locations after the events. You must also designate which arrangements you will be keeping before the day of your event. Items will be set aside for you. If you do not have someone collect these items before the end of the tear-down time, these items will be removed by us and the venue will be left in the same condition as we found them. 


Do we preserve floral bouquets or other floral items? 

No, but we do recommend 3rd party vendors that you can contact for next-day preservation. Locally we recommend Lush Magnolia on Magazine. 


Do we donate the flowers after your event?

No, we do not donate or repurpose your flowers in any way after the event. Why? Your florals are created to be at the peak of their perfection on the day of your wedding. During the logistics of set up, delivery, sitting in the hot sun outside over the course of your event, damage caused by flames and heat from candles, wedding guests, etc, and the final transportation of your florals after the event, the florals are not in acceptable condition to be repurposed or donated. We take pride in the appearance and condition of our floral work we want everyone to experience these beautiful creations in their intended condition. 


What efforts do you take to control waste from events, and be environmentally conscious? 

We all know weddings themselves are not the most environmentally friendly endeavors, at Duia and Jean we do pride ourselves on our ability to apply the waste not want not to attitude towards our events. Our event designs are generally focused on large floral creations and elimination designs that provide less impact for our clients. This in itself creates less wasted materials from all of our events. We also compost floral material after the events and repurpose hard good materials such as plastic liners, chicken wire, and other materials used to create these designs. We never use one-use plastic containers in our event work! We also have created an extensive collection of the rental inventory that is used from event to event creating less waste overall. Furthermore, we concentrate on the less trash policy promoting the use of no plastic dinnerware or barware and rented specialty linens instead of non-compostable paper items. All of these factors contribute to an event that is considered more sustainable.


Are you entirely foam-free? 

No, unfortunately, we are not entirely foam-free. We work in an environment of extreme heat in Southern Louisiana. Most of the year it is not possible to create installations and designs without the use of foam as a water source as the heat would kill and burn the florals within a short period of time and would not last the course of the event. We opt for foam over single-use plastic water picks for most designs as the foam is generally more sustainable in the quantities used. However, when possible we do opt for foam-free designs. This is generally decided based on the logistics of the day, the time of year, placement of florals in the space, the set up and delivery times and windows for the event, and so on. 


What is your preferred floral style? 

To be clear we love all flowers! No individual flower or color is off limits, however, we do tend to steer our clients away from trends and designs we do not feel they will look back on over the years and not regret. Trends of all sorts become dated to the era in which they were performed. This goes for your wedding dress, florals, photography style, day of activities, and design features. At Duia and Jean, we love designing timeless, creative and elegant events that will stand the test of time. Our favorite styles are Classic, Classic Garden, Colorful Garden, Classic Modern Black Tie the occasional and Sophisticated Moody Wedding.