Below is Duia and Jean's general contract. All online orders are subject to the Terms and Conditions described in the following text. When purchasing through our online portal, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions, and may also be asked to sign a hard copy for office use. If you have any questions or need clarification on any of the following information, please contact at the following:




To confirm a date with Duia and Jean, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of overall quoted total will be required unless otherwise stated by Duia and Jean Management. The deposit is non-refundable and considered earned when paid. Once contracted, the price is firm and will not be reduced without approval. Final payment is due one month prior to the event. Without final payment, flowers will not be ordered and contract is void and the original deposit will be non-refundable. Payments may be made by cash or check, credit cards, debit cards or PayPal transactions. Credit card, Debit and PayPal Payments are subject to 3.5% processing fee. All invoices will include Louisiana and Pearl River sales tax. 



Changes/additions and any final choices/quantities are due at least one month before the event. Designs/colors may be reworked within the contracted price, Additions/changes in flower selection that increase the cost of florals in comparison to the original quote are subject to additional charges. Any changes to the agreed-upon quote(s) must meet or exceed the originally agreed-upon price of the original quote at the time of the deposit. Additions/changes within a month of the event will be accepted based on availability and schedule with payment due at the time of order. If an item is canceled less than a month before the event, there is no refund; flowers will be used to upgrade other designs. 



All efforts will be made to provide the exact varieties of flowers and materials described. In the event that a particular item is not available or is not a suitable quality, Duia and Jean is authorized to make reasonable substitutions without a change in price. Flowers are a product of nature and variances in size and color may occur. Duia and Jean will not guarantee that a flower color will exactly match a fabric color. Client will be notified of any significant changes or substitutions. 



Duia and Jean retains the right to be the exclusive provider of all floral products for the event. No DIY (do it yourself) or other florists may contribute to the event’s floral decor without the expressed consent from Duia and Jean’s upper management staff. Violation will result in a voided contract with the original deposit and any other payments to date will be non-refundable. Exceptions for additional vendors or clients providing items for lighting, furniture rentals, and other decor needs will be accepted. 



Client assumes responsibility for rental items while in use at the client’s event and will be billed for the replacement costs of any rental items damaged or missing after the event. Duia and Jean staff will return to pick up rental items; we do not allow clients to return items after an event. 



Cost is based on the location, on-site design requirements, site vendor guidelines and the delivery schedule requested by client. Changes to the schedule or unexpected on-site delays may involve additional labor charges. 



If the event is canceled by the client, for any reason, more than 90 days prior to the event, 50% of all payments in excess to the 25% deposit will be refunded; less than 60 days prior, no refunds of any payments. If the event cannot go on as scheduled due to uncontrollable circumstances such as a natural disaster or other acts of God, client will receive a reasonable credit, less the deposit, and cost already incurred by Duia and Jean, towards a future event. 


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